Lifestyle of Nepalese

Lifestyle of Nepalese bit different to the world. In the world, most of the people shake hand, and hug to greeting with each other. In Nepal, commonly welcome you by Namaste (means I salute the divine in you) it is a traditional salute by bending head towards another person by joining palm of two hands. About 3 core Nepalese are made of 69 different cultural & linguistic group also known as ethnic groups living in different regions.

The different ethnic group has their own unique customs, tradition, attire, languages or dialects and follows their own religious practices. We found different culture from Terai to hilly region of Nepal. In the high Himalayan region two major groups of people can be found; Tibetan Origin Tibeto-Burman or Bhot Burmes and in mid hill to low land Indo-Aryan (Bharopeli origin) groups. In Himalayan region, we found Tibetan speaking groups Sherpa, Tibetan origin Gurung of Manang, Mustang & Dolpo region, Thakali of mustang`s high plain is found in sub alpine to trans Himalayan areas of Nepal. The Sherpas of mountain regions world wide renowned because of mountaineering skills. Literally ‘Sherpa’ means mountain guide in English.

In the mid hill part, mostly settled Brahmans, chhatris, Newar, Thakuris, Sunuwar , Tamang , Magar, Gurung, Sunuwar, Dhamai, Kami, Sarki are spread all over Nepal. In town area we found, Newar, Marbadi, Brahman, chhatris and other mixed group of people are also settled. The community of Magar, Gurung, Limbu, rai is popular as Gurkha solder in the world also settled in this area.

Tharu Culture

Tharu Culture

The community of Terai belt being popular for their authentic traditional arts and paintings. Tharu community is most popular in Terai because of their culture, dance, foods. We can entertain the Tharu cultural dance, foods during the visit of Chitwan National Part. And most amazing part of Nepalese people is that people from different culture, cast, community, and religious group respect each other and enjoy the festival of each other. Here one can found well harmony relation ship between Nepalese community. And if they hear one Nepalese in trouble then the mass will be there for supporting him/her.
Anyone can melted by harmony of them cause the Hindu community people are participating in building monasteries, chorten, Church, Party , Paauwa, and Vice versa.